Manage Files

The Manage Files display is used to create new KeepItSafe files or manage existing ones. 

Upon entering the Manage Files display, a list of all of the existing KeepItSafe files is shown and the active file is highlighted in green. Following is a list of the functions you can perform on a KeepItSafe file. Each is covered in more detail in a separate Help topic. To access Help, click on the corresponding link below:

  • Add a new KeepItSafe file
  • Select a specific file as the active file

To access the following file actions, tap/select the double arrow to the right of the file name:

  • Rename an existing KeepItSafe file
  • Export an existing KeepItSafe file (macOS)
  • Share an existing KeepItSafe file (iOS) 
  • Delete an existing KeepItSafe file

There is a sub-option on the Manage Files display.

The Preferences sub-option manages the KeepItSafe file storage location and device locking options. Following is a list of KeepItSafe preferences:

  • Turn iCloud storage off or on
  • Indicate whether or not to lock KeepItSafe when the system goes into sleep mode
  • Specify the time limit before putting KeepItSafe into sleep mode after the app has been minimized