Import CSV Files (macOS)

A CSV file can be imported into KeepItSafe as either a new KeepItSafe file or as an addition to an existing KeepItSafe file. (For Help on how to create a new KeepItSafe file, click here

The file import goes into the ACTIVE KeepItSafe file. KeepItSafe must be showing the Entry Detail display before an import can be initiated. The Import option will be greyed out in the File menu on the Menu Bar until this occurs.

NOTE: we recommend first trying to import the CSV file into a new KeepItSafe file to ensure that the file is formatted correctly for import. Only consider merging the CSV file into an existing KeepItSafe file AFTER verifying the CSV file format.

The CSV import file must:

  • be a CSV (comma delimited) file
  • have one row for each KeepItSafe Entry
  • have the data fields in the following order:
    • Entry name (required)
    • User ID (required)
    • Password (required)
    • URL (optional)
    • Notes (optional)
  • have each field surrounded by double quotes

Please take special care to ensure that there are no double quotes within any of the fields as this will prevent a successful import.

To import the file, select the Import from the Menu Bar:  File/Import. This will open a display where you can navigate to and then select the import file. Once selected, the import file will be opened and used to create the Entries in the KeepItSafe file.