First Time Setup Tasks

NOTE: The Syncing with iCloud help topic explains more about switching between local and cloud storage.

Your KeepItSafe file is stored in one of two locations: either locally on a single device (Mac, iPAD or iPhone) or safely in the Cloud where your KeepItSafe files are shared with all of your Apple devices that have KeepItSafe installed.

Select Local or iCloud Storage

To begin, select either local storage or Cloud storage. You can change your selection at any time through the Preference option on the Manage Files display. You will be transferred to the Add File display.

Create a New KeepItSafe File (Add File)

To create your first KeepItSafe file on this device, enter information for:

  • File name
  • Master Password
  • Retype/verify the Master Password

Select SUBMIT to create the file or CANCEL to exit without creating a new file.