Add Entry

For a description of each of the data fields, click here.

Entries List

To add a new Entry, tap/select the + on the top of the Entries list. A new Entry will appear at the top of the Entries list. Entry Detail will display a basic template for the Entry. Default values are set for the 3 required fields:

  • Name = #New entry
  • User Id = #User Id
  • Password = #Password (the default display state for Password is always ‘hidden’)

Entry Detail

To complete the Add process, replace the Entry name, User Id and Password defaults with the correct information. 

A URL can be added if the Entry is associated with a web site.

Any type of text can be stored in the Notes field. This is useful to capture anything you want to remember about the Entry such as an account or membership number and email/phone associated with it, customer service contact information for the account, security questions/answers, the 2X authentication contact, a router ID and password, a change log etc. The information captured is unique to the Entry

NOTE: for macOS users, the text in the Notes field can be resized by selecting the following options from the Menu Bar at the top of the screen: Format/Font/Show Fonts. Only the Notes field can be resized.

When the Inactive box is checked, the status of the Entry changes from ‘active’ to ‘inactive’. Inactive entries are hidden from the Entries list but can be accessed by the active/inactive filter in the bottom left of the display.