CellarManager is a fully featured wine inventory application. Whether you have six bottles of wine or six thousand, you can use CellarManager to keep detailed information about your Wine Collection.

No wine on hand?  No problem! You can use CellarManager to keep track of the wines you have enjoyed (or not!) to assist with future purchases.

With CellarManager you can:

  • keep an inventory of the wines you have
  • keep a list of where each bottle of wine is stored – really, really helpful when you want to drink THAT particular bottle!
  • keep a list of wines you want to remember but don’t have
  • keep a current total of the value of all of your wine
  • do all of that with one CellarManager app!

CellarManager lets you to keep as much or as little information about individual wines as you want. There is minimal required data. This flexibility allows you to utilize only the features of CellarManager that interest you with the ability to add more information in the future.

CellarManager also comes with extensive, in-app documentation to help you get started.

CellarManager was developed over the course of more than 15 years by the Langford Services team for their personal use. We think it embodies the most desirable qualities of a wine inventory management tool. We hope you will, too!

Wine List Display