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Importing an Existing Text Password File

A file of existing Sites, User Ids and Passwords can be imported into Password Manager at any time. The import file must be:

  1. A normal text file with either an ASCII or UTF-8 encoding.
  2. Each detail line within the file should consist of the password data in the following order:
    • Site name
    • Your user id at that site.
    • Your site specific password.
    • An optional URL for the site.
    • Any optional comments or notes you want to keep for the site.
  3. Please note that the import file should be a comma delimited file with each field surrounded by double quotes. Please take special care to ensure that there are no double quotes within any of the fields as this will prevent a successful import.

To perform an import operation select the Import Menu command – File ➜ Import. This will open a file selection panel where you can navigate to and select the import file. Once selected the import file will be opened and used to create Site entries in the Password File.