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Stage 1 - Resolve Duplicates

Pressing the Resolve button in the main panel will bring up the Resolve panel that shows duplicate files that Duplicate Manager has found in the selected folders.

Duplicate files are grouped together and highlighted in alternating colors to help you visually see what duplicate files have been found by Duplicate Manager.

Unwanted duplicate files can be removed from you system by selecting a duplicate file and pressing the Delete button. This will move the selected file to the Trash folder.

The remaining non-duplicated file will disappear from the Resolve list since it no longer qualifies as a duplicate file.

While viewing files in the Resolve panel you can review the contents of the files by double-clicking on any of the duplicates. If there is an application associated with the clicked file Duplicate Manager will start that application and pass it the clicked file.

Press Done when you have finished with the Resolve panel to return to the main panel.

Resolve Panel